Alicja Lisowska, Marzena Cichosz

Published: 2022 | DOI: 10.58183/pjps.03012022


Among the social and political outcomes of the pandemic in Poland, one should list the development of anti-COVID social movements. Their specific character, as compared to other social movements, is the subject of exploration in this paper. The basic objective of the paper is thus to analyse the motivations of members and supporters of the so-called corona-sceptic movement at the early stage of its presence in the Polish political arena. Key questions the authors sought to answer concern individuals’ assessment of their situation associated with the pandemic and their attitude to public institutions managing the crisis on behalf of the government. The paper is based on the results of a quantitative research carried out in December 2020.

How to cite

Lisowska A., Cichosz M., COVID’19 vs. Resentments. At the Source of Corona-Scepticism Movements in Poland, „Polish Journal of Political Science”, 2022, Vol. 8, Issue 3, pp. 4–21, DOI: 10.58183/pjps.03012022.