The Russian War against Ukraine through the Eyes of Ukrainian Christian Clergy

Various social science research is being conducted at the University of Warsaw. One area of research is Russia’s war against Ukraine. I undertook to conduct research to find out the opinions of Christian clergymen from Ukraine precisely about Russia’s war against Ukraine. My idea is to present to an international audience the actions of Christian clergymen in invaded Ukraine, as well as their opinions on the current situation. The collected statements will serve the sole purpose of research, and will be presented collectively and fully anonymously. I am convinced that thanks to the collected data and their analysis, I will be able to show with the language of science the face of Christianity revealed in the context of the war. Every statement is meaningful to me.

The project is carried out by the Interdisciplinary Research Center of the University of Warsaw „Identity – Dialogue – Security” in cooperation with the John Paul II Charitable Foundation in Lviv represented by Rev. Oleh Salamon.

Research project leader

Prof. Rev. Cezary Smuniewski (University of Warsaw)

Team members

Prof. Andrzej Proniewski (University of Bialystok)
Rev. Oleg Salamon (The John Paul II Charitable Foundation in Lviv)
Błażej Bado (University of Warsaw)
Krzysztof Paweł Kądzielski (University of Warsaw)
Dr. Rafał Boguszewski (The Warsaw University of Life Sciences)
Mateusz Drewicz (Adam Mickiewicz University)

Prof. Beata Łaciak (War Studies University)
Prof. Marcin Składanowski (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)
Prof. Lucyna Błażejczyk-Majka (Adam Mickiewicz University)
Prof. Karolina Kochańczyk-Bonińska (University of Warsaw)
Prof. Rafał Leśniczak (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw)
Prof. Henryk Litwin (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Prof. Agnieszka Łukasik Turecka (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)
Prof. Ewa Maria Marciniak (University of Warsaw)
Prof. Jarosław Szczepański (University of Warsaw)
Prof. Ilona Urych (War Studies University)
Prof. Marzenna James (Princeton University)
Dr. Konrad Majka (University of Warsaw)