Polish Journal of Political Science is an international, scholarly and peer-reviewed online journal published by the Interdisciplinary Research Center of the University of Warsaw „Identity – Dialogue – Security” (Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Badawcze Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego „Tożsamość – Dialog – Bezpieczeństwo”). The journal has been running since 2013 and is published as a quarterly. Until 2023, the journal was published in collaboration with the Centre for Development of Research and Education (Ośrodek Rozwoju Badań i Edukacji).


The journal is published in English and provides a forum to present extended and in-depth analyses and assessments of key political, military and economic issues at global, regional and local scales. The publications, which are characterised by both scholarly and practical value, include articles, research reports, reviews, reports and polemics.

The journal’s subject matter covers issues in the broad fields of political and administrative sciences, legal sciences and security sciences. Each section is edited by an independent editorial team made up of academics, employees of centres cooperating with the editorial office in Poland and abroad, specialists in their respective fields. PJPS is fully open access.

PJPS is committed to the significant advancement of knowledge and understanding of citizenship, governance and politics and to the public value of research in political science, legal science and security studies.

The topics covered in the journal include (but not limit to):
Political science; Security and defence; Peace and conflict studies; Political theory; Law;
Constitutional law; Comparative law; Criminal law; Social science; Psychology; Social
psychology and group interaction; Human rights and humanitarian law; Philosophy.

Journal evaluation indicators

Polish Journal of Political Science is included in the list of journals scored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The journal has been awarded 20 points.

Each published article is assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.

DOI: 10.58183/pjps

eISSN: 2391-3991

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