Krzysztof Paweł Kądzielski

Published: 2022 | DOI: 10.58183/pjps.03052022


This paper aims to answer the following research question: Through what activities the Stocznia Foundation ensures the activation and safety of people at risk of exclusion? Given the growing number of social groups at risk of exclusion (mainly the elderly, the homeless, those at risk of homelessness or the lonely), the Stocznia Foundation responds by conducting research aimed at identifying social needs. Its actions help restore the meaning of life to these groups, as well as re-establish themselves in society. As an aid institution, this non-governmental organization provides services in the areas that contribute to building a conscious, safe and wise society, actively involved in working for the common good. As an integral part of the CAMI and Lokator projects, the Stocznia Foundation cooperates with other NGOs and organizations for the development of innovation and science.

How to cite

Kądzielski K., The Idea of Protecting People at Risk of Exclusion. A Study of the Activities of the Stocznia Foundation under the CAMI and Lokator Programs, „Polish Journal of Political Science”, 2022, Vol. 8, Issue 3, pp. 51–60, DOI: 10.58183/pjps.03052022.