Michał Byczyński

Published: 2022 | DOI: 10.58183/pjps.04022022


The aim of this article is to show the environment in which the World Health Organization operates. The article discusses the basic issues related to the global health care system, and then the statutory aims and purposes of the Organization. The last part analyses the indicated goals in the context of the realities, primarily the political ones, paying attention to the coronavirus pandemic, which undoubtedly has affected the functioning of Organization. The article shows various types of problems that the WHO encounters in the course of its activity, which illustrates the complexity and comprehensiveness of the phenomena that occur in the area of operation of international organisations.

How to cite

Byczyński M., The World Health Organization: Following the Values in Unstable Times, „Polish Journal of Political Science”, 2022, Vol. 8, Issue 4, pp. 4–13, DOI: 10.58183/pjps.04022022.